Get Your Water Pump & Tanks Running Smoothly

Pump repair in Deposit and Binghamton, NY

When something goes wrong with your pump or tank, you can't afford to treat it as a DIY project. Hire a team of experts to repair your pump and water tanks. Ayres Well Drilling performs pump and tank repairs and installations for septic tanks for homeowners within 60 miles of Deposit, New York.

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5 things to know about water pumps and tanks

Did you move into a home with a water pump? Here are a few things you should know before you remodel or attempt at-home repairs:

  1. Water pumps need to be pumped regularly to keep them working properly.
  2. You should never flush items that can't degrade naturally.
  3. You should never build structures on top of your absorption field or anywhere that limits access to the tank.
  4. You should never drive over your septic system. Heavy cars and equipment can cause serious damage.
  5. It's helpful to keep a map of your septic system to reference whenever you want to remodel your home.

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